How to Sign Up for Spam Calls

How to Sign Up for Spam Calls [4 Easy Methods 2024]

If you’re in a bad mood and bored, I suggest you have fun with friends or someone else. This fun is recommended only for pranks because sometimes it creates many problems if you use it for illegal activities. Explore how to Sign up for Spam calls using telemarketer sign-up, Posting Ads, Online Surveys, and Spam websites.

Enjoy easy ways to sign someone up for spam calls or pranks, so focus on it, not use it for scam calls or fraudulent activity. You can also take revenge on someone who is in your hate club by signing up for spam calls.

Sign Up for Spam Calls

Sign Up for Spam Calls

DISCLAIMER: Before reading the details, you must ensure that spam calls are illegal and sometimes create problems. This article is just for educational purposes, and I’m not responsible for any illegal activity you will do after gaining this knowledge.

Before signing up for spam calls, you must understand different call types. Below, I mentioned some of them with brief explanations.

What is a Spam Call?

Spam calls are annoying, unwanted phone calls. They usually want to advertise, prank, or do something else bad. Using aggressive marketing, telemarketers, spammers, and even legitimate firms can send spam calls. 

What is a Scam Call?

Scammers use scam calls to mislead people over the phone. They pretend to be someone else to gain sensitive information, money, or personal assets. 

What is a Robocall?

A robocall is a phone call with a recorded message. These calls are sometimes made in bulk for telemarketing, political campaigns, and scams. Robocalls may reach many people quickly and cheaply.

How to Sign Someone Up for Spam Calls?

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There are different methods for Spam calls sign up mentioned below. Using one of them, you can easily prank someone.

1. Sign Up for Telemarketing Calls

One of the best ways is telemarketing calls to send your targeted person the bulk of messages and calls. You must call from your targeted person’s phone number to any telemarking agency, like 800,888 or 900.

Once you have called one of them, the system of that agency will store the information, and they will call your targeted person from time to time.

2. How to Spam a Phone Number Via Online Surveys

You can also use this method if the first one didn’t work, and this is one of the easiest ways to sign up number for spam calls.

It’s simple, and you must share the targeted person’s phone number and information in these survey reports, which are easily available online. These online surveys deal with gambling, lucky gift-free trials, and adult websites.

3. Posting Ads Online For Spam Call Sign Up

Anonymously sign someone up for spam calls by posting Ads online with their number and information is very exciting.

There are a lot of different platforms available online where you can post an ad for some products at low prices. Just post an Ad with targeted person information on a platform like Craiglist.

4. Sign up Phone Number for Spam Texts Using Spam Websites

Spam calls sign up using spam websites are tricky and fast way to prank someone. I’m sharing some popular websites with you. You can easily access them, and after signing up, you can send messages and calls.


Sign up for one of them and send bulk messages and calls to make fun of someone you want. Each website has its terms and conditions, and service charges are included. 


How to block spam calls on your phone?

You can block individual spam calls from your phone settings, but the better way to stop spam calls is to use third-party Apps like Hiya Nomorobo and Truecaller.

Is spoofing a crime?

In many places, spoofing is illegal. It involves manipulating information to deceive someone, usually for harm. They may use it for identity theft, fraud, or other crimes. Spoofing might get you in trouble, so beware!


Signing someone up for spam phone calls is easy and so funny. As you see, using the methods mentioned above, you must respect the privacy of the targeted person. Be aware that your one Spam call will confuse and upset someone, so think before doing pranks. 

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