Does Star 67 Still Work

Does Star 67 Still Work in 2024? [How to Block Your Number]

*67, also known as Star 67, solves the phone call privacy issue we all worry about. It works in the same way as a secret code, which masks your phone number during calls. Discover how *67 protects your privacy during calls. Does Star 67 still work? Check to see if this old trick can still hide your identity in this day and age of smartphones and constantly changing technology. 

What Is *67?

To protect the privacy of its users, the telephone industry implemented the *67 code. When enabled, it hides the caller’s number on the recipient’s caller ID. This feature on landlines and smartphones makes phone calls anonymous and straightforward.

Does Star 67 Still Work?

Yes, *67 works in this digital age. Though telecommunications have changed, *67 still works to hide your phone number during calls. It works on landlines and Android and iOS phones. This longevity promotes privacy and discretion in personal and professional conversations.

Why Use *67?

*67 is best for privacy and letting you choose who sees your phone number. It helps in situations like:

1. Privacy Protection: Protecting your privacy is paramount. Before calling, dial *67 to protect your number. Caller ID may show “Private,” “Blocked,” or “Unknown.” This is useful when contacting someone you wish to keep your number confidential.

2. Anonymity on Demand: *67 is the tool you can use to obtain anonymity whenever needed. It’s excellent for one-time calls without revealing your identity. You may respond to a classified ad, ask questions, or talk privately.

3. Prevent unwanted callbacks: Dial a number for a specified purpose and prevent unwanted calls from the recipient. Even if they call back, *67 hides your number.

4. Being professional: There are times when you should act professionally. If you call a business customer after work hours, you may want them to have something other than your number. You can keep that limit in place with *67.

5. Defense Against Telemarketers: We all know their persistence. You can prevent follow-up calls by blocking their access to your number using *67.

6. Personal Space: *67 safeguards your privacy by allowing you to control who knows your number.

When To Use *67?

*67 dialed on mobile

If you know when to use *67, you can improve your privacy during calls. I recommend it for:

  • One-time calls when there is no plan for long-term touch.
  • Situations where sharing your number could compromise privacy.
  • Calls to unknown numbers or businesses to remain anonymous.

How To Use *67 on an iPhone?

Using *67 on an iPhone is simple:

  • Launch the Phone app on your iPhone.
  • Enter *67 before dialing the desired number.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Press the call button to call. 
  • Your number will be hidden during this conversation.

How To Use *67 on an Android Phone?

The steps for using *67 on an Android phone are the same:

  • Open the Android Phone app.
  • Enter *67 before entering the recipient’s phone number.
  • Enter the phone number.
  • To make a call, press the call button and hide your number.

How to Hide Your Number on an iPhone?

There is another way to hide your number for all outgoing calls on an iPhone besides pressing *67:

  • To access iPhone settings, navigate to the Settings app.
  • Go to Phone Settings and select “Phone”.
  • Find and tap “Show My Caller ID.”
  • If “Show My Caller ID” is on (green), press it to toggle off (white). 
  • Your number will be hidden for all outgoing calls.

How to Hide Your Number on an Android Phone?

There is another way for Android users to hide their number:

  • Open the Android Phone app.
  • To access settings, tap the three-dot menu and select “Settings.”
  • Select “Calls” in settings.
  • Choose “Additional settings.”
  • Under “Caller ID,” select “Hide number” to hide your caller ID for future calls.

Other Popular Vertical Service Codes

*60: Call Blocking

To restrict calls from certain numbers, use *60. 

  • Launch the Phone on your device.
  • To block a phone number, enter *60 before entering the number.
  • To confirm the blocking procedure, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • To add many numbers to your block list, use the “Add Numbers” function.

This feature helps you avoid telemarketers, spam, and other unwanted calls.

*66: Busy Redial

*66 quickly redials busy numbers till they are available. 

  • Enter *66 on your Phone.
  • You may hear a recorded message saying the Phone is busy.
  • When the line is free, the service will immediately redirect your number.

When trying to reach someone in a busy network, busy redial can help.

*69: Last Call Return

You can quickly call back the last number that called you by pressing *69. 

  • Enter *69 on your Phone.
  • A recorded message will give you the last call number.
  • You can return the call by following the steps provided.

This feature is useful when you miss a call and wish to call back.

*70: Call Waiting Deactivation

Pressing *70 turns off the call-waiting function for a short time. 

  • Enter *70 on your Phone before calling.
  • After pressing *70, enter your phone number.
  • No call waiting will be experienced.

This helps you make a call without call waiting tones.

*72: Call Forwarding Activation

For landlines, dialing *72 allows for call forwarding. 

  • Enter *72 on your Phone.
  • Enter the phone number to forward calls to.
  • Call forwarding will be confirmed by a message.

This feature helps when you temporarily require alternative call routing.

*77: Anonymous Call Rejection

*77 blocks anonymous calls and only accepts calls from known numbers. 

  • Enter *77 on your Phone.
  • A recording confirms anonymous call rejection.

This blocks calls from private or blocked numbers and allows only identifiable calls.

Popular vertical service codes help consumers to manage calls more efficiently and customize their calling experience.


Does Star 67 work in 2023?

Different phone companies may have restrictions or settings that make *67 less or more useful in 2023 because phone systems are changing.

Why does * 67 not work anymore?

Carrier regulations or phone system changes may prevent *67 from masking caller ID. Some recipients may restrict anonymous calls, making *67 ineffective at hiding your number.

Does * 67 cost money?

Using *67 normally doesn’t cost extra, but check with your carrier.

Does 67 still work if you’re blocked?

Although the recipient may have prohibited calls, *67 directs your carrier not to relay caller ID information. The usefulness of *67 may be limited by settings that reject calls from private or blocked numbers.

Does Star 67 work internationally?

Block your international Caller ID the same way you would domestically. Dial the country code (e.g., *67 in the US) and the international number. Hide your number codes. They vary by country, so verify your local code or contact your phone carrier.


*67, or Star 67, depends on phone systems and carrier policies. It provides privacy during calls, but users should be aware of potential limits, especially internationally.

In the ever-changing telecommunications world, remaining aware of your local carriers’ features and options is crucial to anonymity.

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