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Call Ended Without Ringing [Reasons & Solutions 2024]

Did you ever get frustrated when a call ends without a ring? You can find yourself scratching your head and wondering what went wrong because it is a typical problem. Discover why your call ended without ringing and solve this annoying situation. Learn how to keep calls from being cut off and ensure you can talk without interruptions.

Why Does Call Ended Without Ringing?

Let’s investigate why your calls could end without ringing before we move on to offering solutions. Several factors can cause this issue; therefore, understanding them is crucial.

Network Issues

Problems related to the network are one of the leading causes of customer call interruptions. Signal loss, congestion, or network outages can end calls abruptly.

Bugs in software

Another possibility is a phone OS or software issue. The call may not connect and end due to these issues.

SIM Card Issues

When establishing a connection, your SIM card is a very important component. It can cause call disruptions if it is damaged or not installed correctly.

Third-party apps

Third-party apps on your phone occasionally interfere with making and ending calls.

Call Settings

Calls can end without ringing due to misconfigurations. You must verify your phone’s settings to rule out this possibility.

Solutions to the “Call Ends Without Ringing” Issue

Call Ends Without Ringing

After exploring the sources of this problem, let’s examine practical solutions to restore your calls.

Check Your Network Signal

Make sure your network signal is good. Move to a place with better signal strength if you’re in a bad signal area.

Disable Wi-Fi Calling

If you are using Wi-Fi calling, try temporarily turning it off. Sometimes, Wi-Fi calls disrupt cellular calls.

Restart Your Phone

Many software issues can be fixed by restarting. Inspect your phone by turning it off and on.

Update Phone Software

Compatibility problems might be caused by using outdated software packages. Download and install software updates to keep your phone running smoothly.

Check SIM Card

Remove your SIM card and then carefully replace it on the mobile device. Please check that it is positioned correctly in its slot.

Get a new SIM card from your cellular operator if your old one gets worn out or broken.

Disable or Remove Third-party Apps

If third-party programs are causing the issue, disable or uninstall them individually.

Reset Call Settings

Sometimes, misconfigured call settings disturb calls. Reset call preferences in your phone’s settings.

Contact Your Mobile Service Provider

For assistance with the above alternatives, contact your mobile service provider. They can help diagnose and fix network issues.

Troubleshooting Android-Specific Problems

Call ended

If you’re facing the “Call Ends Immediately After Dialing Android” problem, here are some troubleshooting techniques that are particular to Android:

Clear Phone App Cache

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Find “Apps” or “Application Manager.”
  • Tap the “Phone” app.
  • Tap “Storage” then “Clear Cache.”

Reset Network Settings

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Find “Network & Internet” or “Connections.”
  • Click “Reset Network Settings” and confirm.
  • Start your phone and try calling again.

Check Android Updates

  • Keep your Android OS updated. Install updates from “Software Updates” in your phone’s settings.

Use Safe Mode

  • Enter Safe Mode on Android. This temporarily disables third-party tools to help you diagnose.
  • Press and hold power, then tap “Power Off” until “Reboot to Safe Mode” displays.

Factory Reset (as a Last Resort)

If nothing works, factory reset your Android device. Please back up your data before continuing, as this will remove any personal information.

Additional Tips to Prevent Future Issues

After you’ve fixed the “Call Ended Without Ringing” issue, you must take precautions to keep it from happening again.

Regularly update apps

Always update your phone’s apps, especially the phone app, to avoid software issues.

Avoid Phone Overload

Too many open apps might load your phone’s resources, so try to limit the number of their background processes.

Use Reliable Antivirus

Protect your Android device from malware and possible call interference by installing a reliable antivirus app.

Monitor Call Quality

Check your phone’s call quality regularly and notify your provider of any difficulties.

Backup data

Back up your crucial data, contacts, and settings regularly to avoid losing them if your phone malfunctions.


Why is my call getting ended automatically?

Calls can end automatically due to network, software, or SIM card problems. 

How do I know if someone is ending my calls?

If your calls are dropping, it could be due to network issues, but it doesn’t mean someone is intentionally cutting you off.

Why call cut after one ring?

A single-ring call may end due to network congestion or a rapid rejection.

Does a Cancelled call mean blocked?

You are blocked only sometimes just because you have cancelled a call. Blocked calls often go to voicemail or busy signals.

How do you fix call-ended problems?

Check the SIM card, update the software, troubleshoot the network signal, and review the call settings to fix call-ending issues. 


Call that end without ringing can be annoying, but with the correct troubleshooting techniques, you can usually resume uninterrupted communications. This article provides solutions for network, software, and Android issues to fix your phone.

Take preventative precautions to avoid this issue, and if all else fails, contact your cell service provider.

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