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8 Snapchat Planets in Order [Solar System Snapchat 2024]

In the vast universe of social media, Snapchat has added an interesting feature called the Snapchat Friend Solar System that gives your digital connections a spacey feeling. Think of your best friends as planets surrounding you, each with its charm. Discover the amazing structure of Snapchat planets, where digital connections move around like planets around the Sun. Explore Snapchat’s Friend Solar System to discover the order, meanings, and significance of each planet and your closest friendships.

What Is the Snapchat Solar System?

Snapchat Solar System

If you use Snapchat Plus, consider yourself the Sun in your friend’s solar system. Each planet represents one of your Snapchat best friends. A unique and creative method for presenting your social relationships, it gives your digital friendships a celestial flair.

Look for the ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge on someone’s Friendship Profile if you have Snapchat+. A gold ring around the badge indicates a unique relationship, but what does it mean?

“Best Friends”: This badge means that you and the other person are among Snapchat’s eight best friends—mutual recognition of a strong digital relationship.

“Friends”: This badge means you’re one of their eight best friends, but the feeling may not be mutual. You’re in their inner circle, but they may not be in yours.

The real fun begins when you identify a friend’s profile badge. The Friend Solar System appears on tapping the badge, with each planet representing a Best Friends position. 

You Are the Sun: As a Snapchat+ subscriber, you are the Sun in your friend’s Solar System. This essential role represents the gravity of your digital relationships.

Discovering Your Planet: Like the Sun, your friend’s solar system revolves around them. A planet shows your place in this arrangement of planets. If you’re Earth in their Solar System, you’re their third-closest friend.

Snapchat Planets Order

The planets in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System represent your Best Friends list in order of importance. Snapchat Plus subscribers can explore the Friend Solar System. According to their places, here is the Snapchat best friends list planets:

1. Mercury

Snapchat Planet Mercury with hearts and animated girl

Mercury, the first planet, represents your best friend on the platform. Snapchat Mercury is more than a red planet—it’s a social hotspot.

Mercury, the first point in your friend’s Solar System, represents your streakiest friend. Snapchat friendships depend on streaks, which Mercury celebrates.

Visual Representation of Mercury

The visual representation of Mercury is a red planet covered with five red hearts. Red symbolizes the strength and warmth of your Snapchat relationship.

The five hearts around Mercury represent your Snapchat journey with your best buddy, representing your constant snaps, chats, and moments.

2. Venus

Snapchat Planet Venus with hearts and animated girl

Venus, the second planet in the Friend Solar System, represents your special friend. This planet is a sign of how deep and warm your Snapchat connection is, and the way it looks is just as beautiful as the real Venus at night.

Visual Beauty of Venus

Venus is a light brown planet with revolving yellow, pink, and blue hearts. The delicate hues and dance of hearts around Venus represent the colorful and dynamic essence of your Snapchat’s second closest friendship.

The hearts around Venus are significant. The yellow heart represents joy, the pink tenderness, and the blue loyalty of your friendship. They capture your complex relationship with your second Snapchat friend.

3. Earth

Snapchat Planet Earth with hearts, Moon and animated girl

The third planet in the Friend Solar System, Earth, represents a friend with whom you have a special bond. Snapchat’s Earth represents the vitality and value of your third closest friendship on the platform, just like the real Earth does.

Visual Representation of Earth

Snapchat’s Earth is stunning with its blue hue, moon, stars, and red hearts. Such aspects symbolize your Snapchat friendship’s shared memories, experiences, and emotional bonds.

Blue Hue: Symbolizing the depth and solidity of your Snapchat connection, the blue hue resembles the Earth’s appearance. It symbolizes shared memories and friendship reliability.

Moon and Stars: Having a moon and stars creates a magical atmosphere. It implies a deeper friendship that includes dreams, aspirations, and late chats.

Red Hearts: The Earth encircled by red hearts highlights the emotional side of your connection. Each heart signifies joy, laughing, or understanding, making your connection alive and heartfelt.

4. Mars

Snapchat Planet Mars with hearts and animated girl

Mars, the fourth planet in the Friend Solar System, represents a unique and evolving friendship. As a representation of your fourth closest buddy on Snapchat, Mars brings a cosmic twist to your virtual friendships.

Visual Splendor of Mars

Like the real planet Mars, Snapchat Mars has a distinctive red color. With stars and purple and blue hearts, it makes a visually spectacular symbol of your fourth closest Snapchat confidant.

Red: Mars is red, meaning your Snapchat connection is active and full of life. It symbolizes your friendship’s spontaneity, passion, and shared moments.

Stars symbolize a cosmic connection between you and your fourth closest friend, transcending the ordinary.

Purple and Blue Hearts: The purple and blue hearts show how deeply you feel about your bond. Every heart represents a feeling that two people share, like understanding, kindness, or a good sense of humor.

5. Jupiter

Snapchat Planet Jupiter with stars and animated girl

Jupiter is the fifth planet in the Friend Solar System and represents a close friend. Being your fifth closest friend on Snapchat, Jupiter adds a touch of beauty to your digital bonds.

Visual Magnificence of Jupiter

Snapchat’s Jupiter is reddish-orange with dark orange strips and stars. This makes a highly appealing picture of your fifth most trusted Snapchat friend.

Reddish-Orange Hue: Jupiter’s reddish-orange color shows your Snapchat connection is warm, energetic, and wide open. You share many moments and are generous in your friendship.

Dark Orange Strips: The dark orange stripes give it a royal touch, suggesting that your relationship with your fifth best friend is one of grandeur and importance.

Stars: Adding stars to your friendship symbolizes a shared experience and goals beyond the ordinary.

6. Saturn

Snapchat Planet Saturn with stars and animated girl

Saturn symbolizes a sophisticated and polished companion in the Friend Solar System rather than simply a gas giant covered with rings. Snapchat’s Saturn modernizes digital friendships and represents your sixth closest buddy.

Visual Elegance of Saturn

Snapchat’s Saturn is orange with a ring and stars. This makes your sixth Snapchat friend look charming.

Orange Hue: Saturn’s orange color shows that your Snapchat connection is refined and warm. Your friendship with the sixth closest friend is elegant and sophisticated.

Ring: A ring gives distinctiveness and symbolism, emphasizing the unique features of your relationship. It symbolizes your special bond with your sixth-best buddy.

Stars: The addition of stars makes the heavenly beauty even more stunning, which means that your friendship goes beyond the everyday and into the vast universe of shared moments and understanding.

7. Uranus

Snapchat Planet Uranus with stars and animated girl

As the seventh planet in the Friend Solar System, Uranus symbolizes a unique and intriguing friend. Uranus, the planet of digital friendships on Snapchat, represents the spirit of your seventh closest friend there and lends an air of mystery to your virtual relationships.

Visual Aura of Uranus

Snapchat Uranus’ greenish-blue hue makes it a charming image of your seventh Snapchat friend.

Greenish-Blue Hue: Uranus’s striking greenish-blue color shows that your Snapchat connection is cool and mysterious. It indicates the mystery and cold, refreshing nature of your seventh-closest friendship.

Lack of Hearts: Unlike the other planets, Uranus doesn’t have any hearts, suggesting a different link. It symbolizes a connection that thrives without obvious displays of affection.

8. Neptune

Snapchat Planet Neptune with stars and animated girl

Neptune, the eighth and farthest planet in the friend Solar System, symbolizes a peaceful buddy. Neptune on Snapchat adds mystery and depth to your digital friendships. It represents the spirit of your eighth closest Snapchat friend.

Visual Tranquility of Neptune

Because Neptune on Snapchat is a soothing blue color, it makes a calm image of your eighth best Snapchat friend.

Soothing Blue Color: Neptune’s calming blue color shows how calm and deep your Snapchat relationship is. It shows how calm and peaceful your friendship with your eighth closest friend is.

Absence of Hearts: Like Uranus, Neptune doesn’t have any hearts, which suggests a different way of bonding. It represents a connection that endures without regular displays of devotion.

How to Check Your Snapchat Planet?

Check your assigned planet with these simple steps:

  • Check out your friend’s Snapchat account on your phone.
  • Find the Best Friends badge and touch it to show which planet you represent.


What planets mean on Snapchat?

In Snapchat’s “Friend Solar System,” the planets show the order of your best friends. Each planet represents a Best Friends position, indicating your digital relationships.

What is Mars on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s Mars is your fourth closest friend in the Solar System. A red planet with stars and purple and blue hearts symbolizes an energetic and passionate digital connection.

What’s the hottest planet?

Mercury, the “hottest” planet in Snapchat’s Friend Solar System, represents your most streaked friend. Its bright red colors convey warmth and comfort.

What is Snapchat astrology?

Snapchat’s Friend Solar System feature gave it a cosmic vibe. The Snapchat astrological system allocates planets to your closest friends, making it fun and personalized.

What is the best friend on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s ‘Best Friends’ badge indicates a mutual relationship. This badge shows that you and the other person are each other’s eight closest platform buddies.


Snapchat’s Friend Solar System turns digital friendships into a spectacular celestial experience, with each planet representing a Best Friends status. The cosmic hierarchy makes social relationships fun and customized, creating an innovative and dynamic digital cosmos.

These Snapchat planets change how we see and interact with our best friends, whether Mercury is warm or Neptune is calm.

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