What is Cameralyzer Samsung

What is Cameralyzer Samsung? [How to Uninstall it 2024]

In Samsung devices, the Cameralyzer is used for factory camera testing and calibration. Cameralyzer tests focus, exposure, and color balance during smartphone camera manufacture to ensure optimal performance and quality. 

It’s essential to Samsung’s device quality assurance. However, other Android smartphones may have various features and capabilities due to their manufacturers’ needs.

It combines smartphone production technology and quality management. Discover everything about Cameralyzer, the important Samsung factory testing and quality assurance app. 

Learn about its features, safety concerns, the CVE-2020-15577 vulnerability, and how to delete or disable it from your Samsung smartphone safely.

Cameralyzer Samsung

Cameralyzer Samsung

An essential app for factory testing and is made especially for Samsung smartphones. It optimizes Samsung smartphone performance by tackling software and hardware issues.

Key Details of Cameralyzer

App: Cameralyzer

Latest Version: (342208170)

Supported Languages: 72

Package Name: com.sec.factory.cameralyzer

Minimum Android Version: 9.0 (Pie, API 28).

Targeted Android Version: Android 12 (API 31)

Permissions needed: 13

Features Included: 5

Latest Update: September 8, 2022

Factory Testing and Quality Assurance

Factory Testing and Quality Assurance are crucial, and Samsung products benefit from Cameralyzer. These devices’ camera functions are examined and calibrated with this. 

During factory testing, it carefully checks focus accuracy, exposure settings, color balance, and lens quality. 

Before reaching consumers, every smartphone camera must meet Samsung’s high-quality criteria. 

To provide a smooth user experience, the app analyzes the camera’s hardware and software integration as well as functionality. 

It helps Samsung provide high-quality, reliable products, improve customer satisfaction, and sustain its smartphone technological leadership through rigorous testing.

Cameralyzer Android

There may be differences in its role and availability on Android smartphones other than Samsung. 

Cameralyzer’s Functionality in Android Devices

Purpose: It tests and calibrates smartphone cameras during manufacture.

Manufacturer-Specific: Samsung devices use it, although other Android devices may use separate camera testing and calibration systems.

Availability on Non-Samsung Android Devices

Customized Versions: Some Android device manufacturers have their camera testing tools like Cameralyzer.

Not Available on All Devices: It is not a tool that comes with all Android phones because it was initially created for Samsung’s hardware and software ecosystem.

Security and Performance on Android

Security Patches: Samsung smartphones have Cameralyzer updates, specifically for CVE-2020-15577 vulnerabilities.

Performance Impact: Like any system app, it may affect device performance, depending on the model and software version.

User Interaction with Cameralyzer on Android

Limited User Interface: It works in the background most of the time, so users don’t have to do much to connect with it.

Removal or Disabling: Users who want to remove or stop Cameralyzer on Samsung Android devices should be careful. Developer options and Android Debug Bridge may be used.

Is Cameralyzer Safe?

A security vulnerability, namely CVE-2020-15577, was discovered in Cameralyzer in July 2020. A possible security risk was introduced when this vulnerability enabled attackers to write data to the SD card.

This vulnerability, CVE-2020-15577, was easy to exploit and required limited attacks.

Samsung’s Response

This vulnerability was recognized and fixed by Samsung. The company fixed this vulnerability with updates, improving application safety. This action followed Samsung’s established protocol for dealing with security issues.

Importance of Updates

Like any program, Cameralyzer’s safety depends on updating. Samsung constantly upgrades its apps and device firmware, including security patches. Update your device software regularly to get the latest security updates.

Current Safety Status

The app should be safe to use on Samsung devices with the latest software updates, including it. It’s crucial to keep all applications, especially those with system-level access like Cameralyzer, updated, as with other software.

User Responsibility

Users should also take care to protect their own devices. This includes updating updates quickly, installing third-party apps cautiously, and monitoring device performance and security settings.

How to Remove Cameralyzer?

Since it is a system app, removing it from a Samsung device involves certain steps. The removal of system programs can harm your device’s performance and stability. Be careful when removing it:

Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging

First, make sure that your Samsung device’s Developer Options and USB Debugging are turned on.

Access Developer Options

  • Open “Settings” on your smartphone.
  • Scroll down to “About phone”.
  • Tap “Build number” 7 times till “Developer mode has been enabled.”

Enable USB Debugging

  • Return to the “Settings” main menu.
  • Select “Developer Options”.
  • Scroll to “USB Debugging” and enable it.

Use Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

ADB allows you to communicate with a device via a command line. It comes with the Android SDK Platform Tools. ADB lets you command your Android smartphone from a computer.

Install ADB

  • Download ADB from Android’s developer site.
  • Extract the ZIP to a PC folder.

Link Your Device

  • Connect your Samsung device to the PC via USB.
  • Allow PC debugging if prompted on your phone.

Open Command Prompt

  • Locate the ADB extraction folder.
  • Start a command prompt in this folder. Hold Shift, right-click the folder, and select “Open PowerShell window here” or “Open command window here” on Windows.

Run ADB Commands

  • Type adb devices and hit Enter in PowerShell or the command prompt. This command verifies device connection and recognition.
  • If your device is listed, type adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.sec.factory.cameralyzer and click Enter.

Check Uninstallation

  • After running the command, the system should display success. Cameralyzer has been uninstalled.

Precautions and Considerations

  • Back-Up Data: Always back up essential data before changing system apps.
  • Warning: Rooting your device to uninstall system apps may void your warranty and brick your device.
  • Stability: Getting rid of system apps can sometimes make the OS less stable or change how other features work.


Is Cameralyzer Relevant for Everyday Users?

It is not directly useful for regular users because it works in the background to check the quality of the devices being made and needs to be visible to the user.

Can I remove Cameralyzer from my Samsung device if I don’t need it?

You can disable it, but it requires special actions and may compromise system stability.


Cameralyzer is vital to the Samsung ecosystem for testing the quality and functioning of new devices. Samsung has fixed its security issue, and the app remains essential for device testing and quality assurance. Remove it carefully to avoid disrupting the device’s system.

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