What is AVC Block List

What is AVC Block List? [How to Turn off it 2024]

The AVC Block List is a secret gem for developers in the huge world of Android customization. In your Android device’s developer options, you may have seen this word. Discover how to access the hidden features of the AVC Block List in Android Developer Options! Learn how to turn the AVC blocklist on and off and its importance in app development.

AVC and Its Significance

Advanced Video Coding (AVC) is the backbone of the technology that holds video compression together. H.264 is a common name for this method of transmission.

This widely adopted standard provides efficient video transmission and playback across devices and platforms. In order to provide smooth video experiences within their apps, Android developers use AVC.

What is AVC Block List? 

The AVC Blocklist in Android developer options protects against non-compliant codecs. As it examines each codec that tries to access your apps, it acts as a gatekeeper. This block list is essential for app stability and codec compatibility.

Locating AVC Block List in Developer Options

If you’re an Android user interested in checking out the AVC Blocklist, here’s all you need to do:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap “About phone.”
  • Find and tap “Build number” seven times to open Developer Options.
  • Return to the main Settings screen to see “Developer options” above “About phone.”
  • In Developer Options, find “AVC Block List.”

Role of AVC Block List in App Development

In order to prevent non-compliant codecs from entering the app environment, developers use the AVC Block List as a barrier. This proactive approach prevents incompatible video codec-related issues, improving user experience.

Turn Off AVC Block List: When and Why? 

The AVC Block List is meant to keep malicious content out, but there are times when you may want to turn it off. Few circumstances where deactivating the AVC Blocklist could be beneficial:

Compatibility testing: While making an app, developers must check to see if it works with different codecs.

Customization: Custom ROM or modified Android users may disable the AVC Blocklist for greater flexibility.

How to Turn Off AVC Block List?

The following procedures can be followed in order to disable the AVC Blocklist:

  • Access Developer Options in Settings.
Access Developer Options in Settings of mobile

  • Scroll down for “AVC Block List.”
Turn off AVC block list in mobile

  • Please turn it off by toggling the switch.

Always be careful while playing around with developer options, as it can affect your device’s stability.

Which is better AVC or HEVC?

AVC (H.264) or HEVC (H.265) depends on use, device compatibility, and efficiency:

Efficiency: HEVC compresses better than AVC. Due to sophisticated compression, it can give the same quality at a lower bitrate or greater quality at the same bitrate.

File Size: Compared to AVC, HEVC produces reduced file sizes for the same video quality. This helps store high-resolution videos without sacrificing quality.

Device Compatibility: Due to its extensive history, AVC is supported by more devices and platforms. HEVC playback may require newer gear and software; however, most older devices and software can handle AVC.

Processing Power: Compared to AVC, HEVC encoding and decoding demand higher processing resources. HEVC may deplete batteries or cause playback difficulties on older devices.

Adoption: Many businesses have long used AVC. HEVC is gaining popularity but may be rare.

HEVC is efficient and compact, but older devices may not support it. AVC is dependable for compatibility and support. You must consider device compatibility, storage, and usage scenarios before choosing.


What is AVC in Samsung? 

Samsung usually refers to H.264, a popular video compression technology, as AVC. It optimizes Samsung smartphone video transmission and playback.

What is AVC Setting? 

The AVC setting in device or app settings usually refers to Advanced Video Coding setups. It may turn on or off AVC features for best video performance.

What is Force 4x MSAA?

Android developer options allow Force 4x MSAA graphics. Smoothing jagged graphical edges improves visual quality, but it may slow some devices. Use it as needed for your device and graphics.


In the complex state of Android programming, the AVC Block List silently maintains app video playback. Understanding its role, turning it off, and using developer settings empowers developers and enthusiasts.

Take advantage of the AVC Block List to make Android customization smooth and error-free for your favorite apps.

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