What is the best operating system for a laptop? 2023

An operating system is the most significant constituent of a laptop as it is responsible for managing computer hardware, software resources, and provides common services for computer programs. So, the most frequent question arises in the mind of a laptop user is that what is the best operating system for a laptop? Am I right or not? Of course yes. But don’t worry I’m here to answer this question. Just keep reading.

There are many operating systems like Mac OSX, Windows and Linux, etc. It’s hard to select one of them because it all depends upon the usage. But still, the question is there, what is the best operating system for a laptop?

If we talk about the Windows OS then it is often heard that some of them are best but some are really down to earth. Like windows, 8 was not much appreciated but windows 10 was really loved all over the globe. But also, there are rumors that Microsoft windows 10 are breaking more features than fixing. So, you can’t say anything about the choice of everyone.



Truly, you can not decide one among all as the best operating system because every OS has some pros and cons. And it depends upon requirements and the manner of usage.

Let me inform you about the most popular operating systems because you can’t have a discussion to prove one OS a winner. Decide it according to your satisfaction and needs.


MS windows come as a group of many graphical OS families, which are marketed, developed and sold by Microsoft. You can say, windows are for average users for performing day to day activities. For instance, browsing, gaming, accounting, watching and editing videos. This is considerable for people because its Graphical User Interface (GUI) is more convenient to use.

microsoft windows operating system

A dot (.net) and Java are extremely well-known programming items which use windows stage and repudiates its constraint for universally useful as they were. And this is the example that it depends on the user and his needs and satisfaction that what kind of operating system he wants for his laptop.

Then again, it doesn’t confine you from filling it for different needs like programming designing, engineering and illustrations altering and so on.


From the name, you surely have understood that Mac OS is supported by only Apple products. It is one of the most convenient to use an operating system and is for gadgets like MacBook and Apple iPad etc. But the drawback is, it comes with the most expensive prices of technology machines and most people can’t afford to buy. It is heavenly made for professionals and artists basically.


Inside the market of the work area, laptops and computers, and by web utilization, it is the second most generally utilized desktop OS, after Microsoft Windows. Its Unix based makes it like Linux having precise terminal directions. The most utilized and enjoyed highlight of MAC OSX is terminal and spotlight search. Windows has MSDOS as an option in contrast to the terminal which is regularly supplanted by introducing outsider programming projects like git and shell and so forth.

For hackers, it would not be an appropriate choice to spend money on. But the short story is, it is best for professional uses and gaming.


Linux is a group of open-source Unix-like working frameworks dependent on the Linux bit, a working system. Kali Linux is quicker than windows however as opposed to windows, dislike any standard easy to use the machine. It doesn’t have many virtual products when contrasted with mac and windows and is proposed for educated as they were.

linux os

Linux OS is the best choice for software engineers and PC understudies. It is extremely secure and stable on account of its limited client approach and has little odds of hacking. The most surprising and amazing thing about Linux is that it has in-built NVIDIA/ATI graphics drivers. And it will also support audio-video, internet graphics and connectivity without the installation of any external software. For programmers, it is the best Operating System so far.


Which is the best operating system for programmers?

According to a survey, for programmers, Mac OSX is at the top which is followed by Windows 7 and then Linux.

Which windows OS is best for gamers?

For gamers, Windows 10 is the most appropriate choice and you will feel yourself in the sky while operating games at windows 10.

What is the recent version of the windows?

The recent version is the windows 10 and hopefully, it would be same till 2025.

Describe the most popular versions of the windows.

The most commonly used windows version till 2017 were;

  • Windows 7 (46.063%)
  • 10 (29.26%)
  • 8 (1.4%) and 8.1 (5.97 %)
  • XP (6.47 %)
  • Mac OSX 10.12 (3.34%)
  • Linux (2.98)
  • Other (3.95%)


Name the most famous version of windows used around the globe.

For desktop and laptop, windows 7 is the most famous version used.


To me, windows 10 is the most preferred windows because it is long-lasting and reliable. You couldn’t imagine anything better than to spend your every penny for its utilization since its highlights, its structure, speed, exactness, protection, and security. In the future, you may need programs which might be perfect with windows 10.

Its extraordinary highlights are consolidated old start menu + new metro applications, tablet mode, Continuum, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, notice focus, performing various tasks work area, etc. Microsoft Surface, HoloLens, is a coming up innovation which will work with windows 10. The best point is that it will work with every one of the stages like telephone, tablet, Xbox, PC or work area! Every one of its information will be in a state of harmony and transferable over all stages. And this makes windows 10 perfect among all.


From the above discussion, it is clear that the best operating system solely depends upon a person’s needs and satisfaction but to me, the best and most preferred operating system is windows 10.


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