How to Change Input on MSI Monitor

How to Change Input on MSI Monitor [Simple Steps 2024]

Changing the input source on your MSI monitor is easy, and using the joystick is simple. Learn how to change input on MSI monitor, fix input switching issues, and master seamless source selection for a better viewing experience.

MSI Monitor Change Input to HDMI Quick Steps

Step 1: Activate the OSD menu on your MSI monitor by pressing the joystick.

Step 2: Using the joystick, select ‘Input’ in the OSD menu.

Step 3: Choose ‘HDMI’ as your input source from the selections.

Step 4: To confirm your choice, press the joystick again.

Done! You can now use your MSI monitor via HDMI.

How to Change Input on MSI Monitor?

Activate the OSD menu on your MSI monitor

MSI display inputs may be changed easily with the monitor joystick. This joystick on the monitor’s back or bottom selects an input source from the OSD menu. 

Access the On-Screen Display (OSD):

  • Find your MSI monitor’s joystick. Usually, it is on the back or bottom of the monitor.
  • Launch the OSD menu by gently pressing the joystick. The screen will display the OSD menu.

Navigate to Input Source:

  • OSD menu settings include brightness, contrast, and input source.
  • To move between these menus, use the joystick. You can use the up, down, left, and right joystick buttons toggle between menu options.

Select the Input:

  • See “Input Source” or “Source” in the OSD menu. To switch sources, you need to change this setting.
  • Press the joystick again to pick “Input Source” after highlighting it.

Choose Your Input Source:

MSI monitor back
  • After choosing the “Input Source” choice, a list of input sources, such as VGA, HDMI, or DisplayPort, will appear.
  • Move the joystick between these sources and choose one.

Confirm Your Choice:

  • After selecting an input source, press the joystick button again to confirm. The monitor will change to the selected input source when you do this.

Exit the OSD Menu:

  • Return to your input source and exit the OSD menu by pressing the joystick.

Why MSI Monitor Won’t Switch Inputs?

MSI monitor

To troubleshoot and fix your MSI monitor, you must first understand why it may not switch inputs. Several reasons may cause this issue:

Incorrect Monitor Input Source Selection: The most common cause of input switching issues is incorrect monitor input source selection. Your monitor won’t display the content if you select the wrong input.

Cable Connection Issues: Loose or damaged cables may restrict your monitor from switching inputs.

Faulty Cables or Ports: Damaged HDMI, DisplayPort, or other monitor input ports may restrict switching. Faulty wires might also weaken or degrade input detection on the monitor.

Software or Firmware Problems: Outdated monitor firmware or driver software might cause input-switching issues. Sometimes, a firmware upgrade fixes these issues.

Joystick or Button Malfunctions: If your monitor uses a joystick or physical buttons for input selection, malfunctions or damage may stop them from working.

Compatibility Issues: Some monitors may not work with specific devices or input sources. This can cause input-switching issues.

Signal detection delays: Monitors may take a few moments to recognize and display content from a new input source. Sometimes, you need to be patient.

When your MSI monitor won’t switch inputs, knowing these causes helps you troubleshoot and fix it.


Can you switch inputs on a monitor?

Access the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu and pick the input source using the joystick or physical buttons to switch monitor inputs.

How do I change my MSI Optix to HDMI?

To switch your MSI Optix display to HDMI, use the joystick or buttons to open the OSD menu, select “Input Source,” and choose HDMI.

How do I control my MSI monitor settings?

The OSD menu lets you adjust brightness, contrast, and input source on your MSI display using the joystick or buttons.

What is console mode in MSI monitor?

MSI monitor console mode optimizes display settings for gaming consoles, improving images and responsiveness for an immersive gaming experience.

Does MSI monitor have HDMI?

MSI monitors commonly have HDMI ports connecting game consoles, laptops, and media players.

What is HDMI CEC MSI monitor?

MSI monitors with HDMI CEC allow compatible devices to interact and be operated by a single HDMI remote, simplifying your entertainment setup.


The method in this post should allow you to switch inputs without any complications. Double-check cable connections, monitor ports, and firmware updates.

MSI’s customer service can help with chronic issues. Now, you can maximize your MSI monitor and change inputs smoothly.

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