Top 8 Best Leather Laptop Bags In 2023

Are you looking for the best leather laptop bags? So you are in the right place. With numerous leather laptop bags to settle on from, it is often challenging to choose only one. We’ve scoured the web in hopes of finding the highest five leather laptop bags. To the list, a load needed to be durable, stylish, and protective. Read along to get everything from premium to budget-friendly options.

Best Leather Laptop Bags:


1. Cuero’s DHK 18-Inch Distressed Leather Messenger Bag – Our Editor’s Pick

best leather laptop bags

There are three large compartments with metal buckles. Two smaller pockets are mounted on the bag’s front panel. Meanwhile, an outsized center pocket is a right spot for a standard laptop.

The bag features an adjustable strap with a padded shoulder protector. it’s an indoor zipper pocket that also has three pockets that will be accessed from the bag’s exterior. The bag is formed from genuine goat hide. it’s a chocolate color and an aged patina. With many spaces for storing and singular unisex design, this is often our go-to option for leather laptop bags.

It’s large enough that you can tote around a couple of books, folders, and other items. With many spaces for storing and singular unisex design, this is often our go-to option for leather laptop bags. It’s large enough that you can tote around a couple of books, folders, and other items.

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2. Komal’s Passion Leather’s 18-Inch

best leather laptop bags

However, an adjustable over-the-shoulder strap also allows you to use it as a messenger bag. it’s two buckle-laden pockets and a lockable internal chamber. As such, you’ll secure the inner contents without having to stress about your belongings spilling out.

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Meanwhile, the additional space for storing is often used for everything from textbooks to clothing. Skilled artisans piece together each of those bags. The ever-growing number of luggage sold by Komal’s Passion Leather may be a testament to the company’s dedication.

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3. Komal Leather Briefcase – Best Bag for Compact Laptops

best cheap leather laptop bag

Its dual front pockets are excellent spots for small items, like cell phones, paperbacks, pens, and pencils. We love that this bag was designed by Komal Chaudhari and produced by skilled artisans. It’s never your run-of-the-mill laptop bag.

The bag’s rustic patina gives it tons of character. Meanwhile, top and shoulder straps enable users to modify between carrying and wearing their computers.

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4. Rustic Town 15-inch Vintage Crossbody Genuine Leather Laptop Bag

best budget leather laptop bag

Since Leather may be a natural product, you ought to not expect any two bags to be identical.  All of the hardware is secured to the bottom with high-quality thread, buckles, and zippers.

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The inside lining is formed from the green canvas. Overall, this bag is ideal for anyone looking to carrying their laptop a la mode.

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5. Berchirly Vintage

best leather laptop bag

What’s to not love about this messenger bag from Berchirly? With it being one of the most uncomplicated affordable leather messenger bags that we reviewed with a tag well under $50 – this leather bag is an excellent pick for those on a budget.

Not only is that this bag incredibly affordable, but it also comes with a sort of color that ought to suit any man’s needs. While the black one is pictured above, Berchirly also makes this bag in both a brown and dark coffee variant.

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The structure of the bag itself is additionally pretty impressive, especially given the worth point. Along the rear side of the gear, you’ll find a zipper enclosure that ought to be ready to safely store your essentials (think phone, keys, and wallet). Within the most Compartment, which is enclosed by two magnetic buttons, are going to be all of your gear.


6. Lenovo Laptop Carrying Case T210 fits for 15.6-Inch Laptop

best leather laptops bags

This messenger bag may be a thing of beauty, with its glazed Italian Leather and superior craftsmanship. But what makes this bag so unique is that the sturdiness of it; the bag is formed to be tough for each day wear, but still look good even after years of use.

You won’t see the normal wear such as you would with a cloth or maybe a polyurethane bag, instead, over time, it ages gracefully like fine wine. It only becomes more distinguished as time goes on. The seams are expertly sewn, and increase the general shape of the brief-style piece.

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it has numerous pockets to store your keys and cellphone, including a slim pocket with a couple of pen holders under the flap to slip papers, pens, and other essential items that require to be grabbed easily.

There is also a divider inside the most Compartment for more options with the organization. Most room is large enough for a little notebook and a few papers, or maybe a book. there’s much space to stay your day all at once, as its dimensions are 15.6 inches.

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7. Cole Haan Leather Messenger Bag

best leather laptop bag

This smart-looking leather messenger bag is everything you’ll need for your everyday bag. Made up of genuine leather and available in black or chocolate brown, this bag is stylish because it gets. It features silver metal hardware at the straps for a contrasting, rustic look, and therefore the soft Leather is pliable, ready to stretch and mold to whatever is in your bag at the time.

It’s lightweight but heavy-duty and may get up to your daily routine with ease. The stitching adds tons to the general look of the bag, giving it a touch more design than merely being a clear black bag.

The strap is adjustable, and therefore the bag features a magnetic close for the foldover flap, securing your belongings without worry.

As far as smaller item storage, the inside has two slip pockets and a laptop sleeve, also a secure, zipped pocket within the wall lining for the little belongings you don’t want to lose to the rock bottom of your bag. Additionally, there’s an exterior back slip pocket too, so you never lack in compartments with this bag.


8. Fossil Defender Leather Messenger Bag

best leather laptop bag

Fossil leather products are must-haves all year round due to their style, design, and quality manufacturing. This bag features a real leather exterior and a cloth-lined interior to stay your articles safe.

The open-top and therefore the buckled flap closure allows you to access your items without having to fuzz with zippers or buttons. The 2 buckles hold the flap closed, and are easily undone in seconds, making filling and emptying your bag easy.

The strap on the bag is removable, though there are not any other handles on the bag besides the belt. This strap can drop from the shoulder to a maximum of 25 inches, a powerful length that lets the bag hang comfortably at the hip.

There also are numerous pockets and compartments for extra little things on the edges and inside the bag itself, meaning you’ll stay organized on the go.

In total, this handsome bag is 16 inches wide and 12 inches high, with a 4-inch depth to contain all of your books and papers. The pebbled cognac leather may be a classic, but fits well with the fashionable metro scene, and wearing it downtown is going to be bound to turn some heads.

Additionally, despite being made from genuine leather, it boasts a reasonable price, even coming from a corporation whose leatherwork is very wanted for day-to-day living. Suit up and luxuriate in the Fossil Defender leather messenger bag, a significant choice for men on the go.


Buyer’s Guide For Best Leather Laptop Bag:

When buying a leather messenger bag, keep the following considerations in mind.

1. Leather Quality:

The quality of the Leather is the most vital factor when picking out a laptop bag. One made from bad Leather will disintegrate quickly. Here are the foremost common leather varieties available and the way they differ from one another:

Cowhide Leather: Top-Grain Leather: made up of the highest of the cowhide, top-grain Leather has been buffed and treated to get rid of all surface imperfections like scars, natural weathering, etc. found initially been on the cow. Considered to be among the most straightforward grades of Leather, top-grain Leather will last for years and develop a patina over time.

Full-Grain Leather: Full-grain leather is that the thickest leather variant and is that the most durable of any grade. Full-grain leather will last for years and can look better over time. As long as it’s thicker than top-grain Leather, this hide will release oils because it ages and develops a gorgeous patina. If you would like the most straightforward quality leather messenger bag, accompany by one made up of full-grain Leather, you won’t be disappointed.

Nubuck Leather: Like suede, nubuck has been buffed and sanded to supply a velvet-like texture. However, unlike suede, which relies on the underside of the skin, nubuck leather is from the top-grain of Leather, making it significantly more durable. Nubuck leather is usually sourced from calfskin.

Genuine Leather: made up of the underside of Leather, genuine Leather is inferior in quality and is found in many budget leather messenger bags. While it’ll not last as long in comparison to top-grain or full-grain Leather, it can present well.

Bonded Leather: Avoid bonded Leather at the least costs. , it’s mostly made from glue and can disintegrate rather quickly.

Suede: made up of the underside of animal product, suede has been treated to possess a napped finish that’s velvet-like (source). This leather variety must be specially treated with suede cleaners when it gets dirty.

Lambskin While not as durable as cowhide leather, lambskin leather is soft to the touch and may present well. Lambskin leather is excellent for business or professional settings.

Faux Leather This leather variety is excellent for those men that are vegan or animal friendly. Faux Leather is formed from synthetic materials that are intended to seem like Leather. A standard sort of faux Leather used for messenger bags is PU leather, also referred to as polyurethane leather. PU leather is formed from thermoplastic Leather and is vegan.

2. Storage & Compartments:

Here’s why you ought to take a flash to believe the two primary storage areas on your new messenger bag.

Main Compartment & Interior Pockets: Where the majority of all of your gear is stored, the most Compartment can either be one large pouch or separated into several organizational pockets.

Interior Pockets: Whether you’re carrying a laptop, tablet, pens, phone, etc. a fanatical pocket for everything can prevent frustration when trying to find an item quickly. A messenger with a padded organizational insert also will provide better protection, especially for laptops.

Large Compartment: an outsized inner compartment allows for more room to hold your gear. However, if you overload your bag, it’s going not to be nearly as comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Side Pockets: A messenger bag with side pockets allows you to urge a couple of things without always having to open up the claps to the most Compartment. Not only will this prevent time, but if you discover that you multitask often, the side pockets are going to be welcomed.

3. Buckles & Straps:

Please take a moment to ascertain how the bag is meant to be carried and the way it closes. While messenger bags always contain a strap, the addition of handles can provide versatility. Here are a couple of things to believe when watching the hardware.

Shoulder Strap Design: Padded Shoulder Straps: If you propose on carrying your bag for extended periods, padded shoulder straps make carrying your bag far more comfortable to hold by displacing weight and adding a cushion.

Adjustable Shoulder Strap: Whether you’re short or tall, walking or riding a motorcycle, having a messenger bag with an adjustable strap can help to form sure that the bag remains on the brink of your body without getting into the way.

Removable Strap: Some leather messenger bags have removable straps. It will make the bag fitted to business formal settings when just a top handle is employed. If you’re carrying a considerable amount of weight, handles will continuously be more comfortable also.

Buckles: Throughout the bag’s lifetime, you’ll be opening and shutting it thousands of times. Therefore, it only is sensible to shop for a leather messenger bag with a closure system that won’t get within the way. Here are a couple of different varieties you’ll encounter during your research.

Single Clasp: A clasp keeps your gear secure while easily accessible. A grip is often opened by simply pressing down on the button. you’ll also unlock a pin with one hand should the opposite hand be occupied (i.e. on a phone call).

Magnetic Snap: an easy pull of the surface flap on the messenger bag and a magnetic button will release. Magnetic snap closures are significant for guys that sort of a more minimalist appearance. Just note that this closure isn’t as secure as a buckle or clasp design.

Buckle: While it’s the top secure closure, a standard buckle closure is additionally the foremost trying to use. If you discover yourself carrying valuable documents or devices, this closure will prevent theft – especially in dense urban areas and subways. Just know that this closure can become frustrating with heavy use.

4. Additional Features:

Here are a couple of additional features men found important when buying a bag.

Padded Laptop Sleeve: a fanatical padded sleeve for your laptop provides extra protection for your computer from moderate impacts and short drops. If you propose carrying your laptop regularly, a padded laptop sleeve may be a requirement.

RFID Protection: RFID skimming may be a source of concern for several. Some companies make an RFID leather messenger bag with a special lining to stop financial theft. We only recommend that you consider this if you reside in a neighborhood where you commute via mass transportation.

Card Slots: Perfect for business cards, accessible card slots are great for people in business who find themselves networking regularly.

Durable Canvas Lining: to stop Leather rotting from the within out, a thick duck canvas lining on the within will contain spills from seeping through and damaging the leather exterior. Consider this canvas material as long as you propose storing drinks, sodas, etc. within your bag regularly.

Cell Phone Pocket: With smartphones continuing to urge bigger, the pant pocket is not any longer an open cargo area. A bag with a fanatical telephone pocket may be a welcomed addition.

5. Durability & Craftsmanship:

When buying a leather bag, you would like to form sure that it can withstand the test of your time. Not only will this mean going with the most straightforward Leather, like full-grain or top-grain cuts, but also confirm that the stitching is consistent. When your bag arrives, inspect for any loose ends or crooked stitches. Ideally, the leather bag should have a thick thread, cut appropriately, and consistent leather grains used throughout.

6. Country of Origin:

When considering leather goods, we strongly recommend that you accompany a leather bag that has been made within us, Italy, England, France, and choose South American countries like Costa Rica and Argentina. Not only is that the quality of the Leather was far better from these countries, but many of them adhere to quality standards or deliver an excellent product that’s unmatched.

7. Price Range:

The average price you buy a messenger bag largely depends on the standard of the Leather itself. If you would like an honest leather bag, then expect to pay several hundred dollars. If you wish how leather bags look, yet want to save lots of money, then a real leather bag should be considered. These leather bags often cost under $100.

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